n  e  i  l   m  i  l  s  o  m

Upon moving to the Island, I read about local folklore and the Island’s diverse ancient monuments, visiting as many as possible. I learned that not only were there similarities with Irish folklore, but also that sense of serenity and purpose could be felt at several of the ancient sites here too; none more so than Cashtal yn Ard, which is only a short walk from the little cottage where we now live with our two children Niamh and Ruadhan. The culture, heritage and landscape of the Isle of Man felt almost familiar and it rapidly became home.


The work I have done to date reflects a desire to express my passion for prehistory, mythology and the land, using local materials and inspired by what feels like a common heritage.


The Isle of Man is rich in talent and we are privileged, in that opportunities to nurture and support creativity are accessible to all.


Before moving from Dublin to the Isle of Man in 1998, with my wife Trish, I spent many years travelling throughout Ireland visiting the ancient monuments, becoming especially interested in those in and around the Boyne Valley; Newgrange, Knowth, Loughcrew etc.


The intricate geometric and spiralling patterns carved into the stones intrigued me from a very early age and I was fortunate to experience these sites and their inherent sense of serenity and purpose, prior to their development as major tourist attractions. While much is known about these sites from an astronomical and geophysical viewpoint, the associated culture and meaning remains open to interpretation, which overlaps with another passion; that of mythology, folklore and legend.

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